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You’ve known someone at some point that has a seemingly impossible amount of keys, keychains, and other accessories hanging from their key ring. You might even be guilty of that yourself. At [BUSINESS_ NAME] in Jamesburg & Marlboro Township, NJ, we’ve seen our fair share of these loaded down car keys, and also the damage it can cause. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s the problem? Besides the general nuisance of carrying around a 12lb car key, there are other issues with a heavy key ring. All that weight is hanging from the key of your vehicle, any time the key is in the lock. Over time, a few things happen. The key actually wears unevenly and eventually may get to the point where it’s no longer usable. This wasn’t a huge deal in the days before car keys with more technology inside of them than the rocket that took us to the moon, but they are getting pretty expensive these days, and replacing them can be a hassle. More importantly, it damages the ignition switch in the vehicle. Those tiny pins and the lock cylinder itself aren’t designed to cope with that much weight and will fail prematurely over time.

What happens if the ignition switch fails? If the ignition switch fails, you’re looking at towimg and an expensive fix. Typically, it will give you some warning. The key may take some wiggling to get it to turn, or even get stuck in the ignition. From there, the problem only gets worse. Eventually, you’ll be stuck with a vehicle you can’t turn on, or one you cant take the key out of (or lock). Since ignition switches are designed to be hard to tamper with, replacing one can be an absolute pain, especially if the key no longer works in it. Removing one is one thing, but it’s also typically connected to the vehicle’s security system as well. Often, specific components have to be tracked down, and the vehicle has to be reprogrammed.

So, next time you grab your keys, it might be worth asking yourself if you really need 8 keychains, a multitool, 17 keys, a flashlight, and a spare tire attached to the key ring. It’s something most people wouldn’t think twice about, but it’s worth taking action to avoid damaging your vehicle. For all your maintenance and repair needs, our professional technicians have the answers. For the best auto repair shop in Jamesburg & Marlboro Township, NJ, come see us at GC Automotive & Performance today.


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